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We are the Occupational Safety & Health Expert

Certified OSH-Coordinator

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Laman OSH Sdn Bhd

A leading training provider established in Cameron Highlands to educate and expose the employer and employees to reduce workplace risk. Our trainer received a recognition from DOSH Pahang as one of five best OSH-Coordinator for Pahang State.

We strive to educate the importance of safety and health at workplace to both employer and employee. We have experienced trainer since 2016 with various industries experience to understand and cater to your business nature's need. Training materials will be tailored to suits client's industry and work process. The modules are well planned and structured based on DOSH guidelines.

Our Vision

A leading safety and health training provider in cameron highlands by 2025

Our Mission

  • L - Lead Training
  • A - Assessment Risk
  • M - Monitor Hazard
  • A - Accident Reporting
  • N - Necessary PPE
  • O - Occupational Disease
  • S - Safety Plan
  • H - Health Hazards
Health and safety with helmets

How to Enrol


Meeting with prospect to understand the concern and safety and health issues at workplace and how to resolve them.


After selection of the topic by client, we will do a workplace inspection to customised the training according to the work process and SOP.


Training presentation will be tailored to cater to the audience leel of understanding and knowledge on the topic.

Health And Life Insurance

Our Team

Director of Finance

Bachelor (Hons) Degree of Economics and experienced in Finance and Accounting for over 20 years

Director of Management

Experienced in Management and Human Resource in Tourism and Hospitality for over 20 years.

Trainer & Consultant

Internal trainer since 2016. Received recognition from DOSH Pahang as one five best OSH-Coordinator for Pahang state.

Why Choose Us?

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Apt 4-8, Suriana D'Royal Lily, Jalan Royal Lily 2, Tanah Rata 39000, Cameron Highlands, Pahang


Workplace health and safety concept.